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Newest ByFaith

04.23.18 | Theology | by Bill Lovell

    Don't miss the latest edition of ByFaith, the official online publication of the Presbyterian Church in America. Click here. 

    Happy St. Patrick's Day

    03.16.18 | Local Mission | by Bill Lovell

      The best way to honor St. Patrick isn't to pray to him, much less to get potted drunk on his feast day, but to join him in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ! Check out these wise words from Sydney, Australia's Phillip Jensen. 

      A Passion for Church Planting

      03.09.18 | Local Mission | by Bill Lovell

        Co-Mission is a London-based church-planting network that is doing extraordinary work! Christ Church's old friend, Richard Perkins, is on the leadership team. Check out what they're up to by clicking on this link. 

        Love Mercy

        02.19.18 | Events | by Bill Lovell

          The PCA's Mission to North America is hosting its Mercy Conference, March 9-10, 2018, in College Park, Maryland. Plenary Speakers include Duke Kwon, Daryl Wattley, Jr., and Craig Garriott. Registration is $90 ($35 for students). Very highly...

          Introducing Lent

          02.14.18 | Worship | by Bill Lovell

            A growing number of Presbyterian and reformed churches are keeping Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent (like us at Christ Church Carrollton).  Check out a couple of resources to learn why and what it's all about. Introducing...