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A Treasury of Christian Resources

01.30.18 | Theology | by Bill Lovell

    If you are reading this comment on the Internet, then you have access to a vast treasury of Christian resources at The Christian Classics Ethereal Library and The Internet Christian Library. Do your Christian life a favor, and check them out...

    A New Year's Plea: Plan

    01.23.18 | Theology | by John Piper

      John Piper nails it. "I don't think it is even possible to conceive a God who does not act according to his own eternal planning..."  To read what Piper has to say about the importance of our planning, click here.

      Mission Today

      01.09.18 | Theology | by Bill Lovell

        Kuddos to the Institute for Faith Work & Economics for this excellent article on contemporary mission, based on the book by John Stott.

        The Sunday Before the Ninety-Five Theses

        10.29.17 | Theology

          There's a good article by Steven Nichols at 9Marks entitled, "The Sunday before the 95 Theses."   What if Brother Martin had not preached so differently than the others?  What if we had just gone on about our daily lives?

          Song this Sunday: We Are Not Overcome

          08.16.17 | Worship | by Rick Carruth

          We Are Not Overcome   Verse 1 Flesh will fail, bones will break Thieves will still, the earth will shake Night will fall, the light will fade The Lord will give and take away   Verse 2 Put no trust in the earth In the sod you...