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The Naked Truth About Evangelism Workshop

The Naked Truth About Evangelism Workshop

Thursday, October 26, 2017, 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Location: Christ Church Carrollton, 1101 S. Broadway St., Carrollton, TX US 75006

Cost: Early Bird Registration: $169.00, Student Registration: $99.00, Regular Registration: $199.00

Coordinator: Bill Lovell

Website: https://www.evangelizetoday.info/events-1/758d0378-5ca9-432e-b776-d2670a27a8be

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Another evangelism conference?

When we imagine an evangelism conference, we think of training to implement strategies about what to communicate, objection handling, a lengthy talk-track, or the necessity of urgency.  For most of us, however, that approach doesn't either seem or feel genuine, or really seem to be that well received by others.  You wouldn't really want to be on the receiving end of a impromptu pitch, would you?

But what if it didn't have to be that way?

Allan Dayhoff, PCA Teaching Elder, heading up Evangelize Today Ministries in Washington, D.C., has a completely different take.  He calls it "The Naked Truth about Evangelism Today."  Instead of confrontation, he suggests, maybe we ought to approach people to learn about them, to make it more natural and relational like all of our other human encounters.  Listening to others' stories combined with telling our own faith story, he's found, allows Christians to engage with people to form meaningful relationships, to offer a rare gift in a noisy, busy, media-saturated world. 

And the theological root that drives this transformation? It's the truth that every human being bears the image of God.  They aren't numbers... they're people.

Why not consider attending?  It's certain to be an enjoyable time of fellowship, learning, reflection and fun.  You can learn more through the links below.




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