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Reading the Bible in 2019

Posted by Bill Lovell on

Reading the Bible every day, and prayerfully reflecting on it, is a discipline every Christian should cultivate. You might think daily Bible reading would be something a preacher (like me) would do as a sort of job requirement, but to be honest I'm not nearly as disciplined about it as I ought to be. I've resolved to do better in 2019. Let me share, briefly, my why and how.  

Why  I simply can't overstate how important it is to interact with God's word on a daily basis. The Bible is "God-breathed," says Paul in 2 Timothy 3:16, and is "profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness." Those are the very things we most need—positive instruction and training to help us grow, and reproof and correction to fetch us back when we're off track. 

How  I've been convinced of the why of Bible study for some time, but what I've wrestled with is the how. Fortunately, I've got the Ligonier "Table Talk" to help me, and that's been great. But this year, I've also discovered another on-line resource that has really grabbed me. It's a podcast called "Reading Between the Lines." Produced by my friend Glen Scrivener, it's a series of 365 talks of six-eight minutes each.

Glen takes short pithy expressions/phrases from the Bible (eg, "In the beginning"), explains them, and uses them as a springboard to discuss theology, the gospel, and the Christian life. They're available in a wide variety of formats (YouTube, iTunes, Android, etc), and they're 100% free. They're also funny, interesting, and Biblically faithful. I'm a week into the new year, and I have yet to encounter a single dud episode! 

Whatever your own personal how may be, I want to urge you to please join me in making daily Bible reading a top priority for 2019. I promise we will be very glad we did! As always, this brings love and prayers in Christ!