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Circling the Square

Our Meandering Way

Posted by Bill Lovell on

Our family moved into 14527 Meandering Way on Tuesday, November 25, 1997—almost twenty-two years ago. When we arrived, our kids were just...kids. Grace was seven, William was five, John was four, Mary was two, and our youngest James was just two months! I was a youthful thirty-nine, and my child bride Leslie was around twenty. 

We arrived in our beautiful new home just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. And we were thankful indeed to be starting life in Dallas! Of course, I was excited to begin my first senior pastorate, at Trinity Episcopal Church, and Leslie was excited to begin a new stage in homemaking and homeschooling! 14527 Meandering Way was where it all happened!

Built in 1968, our home included several features that were perfect for us. First, there were five bedrooms, which helped when the kids were growing up. Second, we had a big eat-in kitchen, with space around the table for our family plus lots of friends. Finally, we had a family room lined with bookshelves: ample library space for me and a nice backdrop for family photos (like the one above). 

Speaking of photos, the Photo app on my computer currently shows that 14527 Meandering Way was the setting for 38,436 photos! That’s 22 Christmases, 157 family birthdays, a wedding, three baptisms, nine graduations, and countless other celebrations, gatherings and events for me, Leslie, five kids, one son-in-law, four grandkids, and twelve pets. 

In recent years, we haven’t been able to entertain as much as we used to. That’s been primarily because of the five kids, four grandkids, and twelve pets!  It’s hard to organize large parties or social activities in a house so packed with people and animals, especially for a hostess who won't tolerate anything less than a perfectly organized venue for her guests.

The best way to describe our home is "lived in." Very lived in! An awesome 22 years of life, love, laughter, tears, prayers, and thanksgiving to God! Actually, our home's street name pretty well describes our family's life over these 22 years: meandering! Webster's defines meandering as "following a winding course." That's been our family's "way" since 1997, and what fun we've had! 

The time has finally come for us to leave Meandering Way. Our new home is on East Tyler Street in Richardson. My satirical side notes that, unlike Meandering Way, East Tyler Street is short, laser-beam straight, and a dead end! A tiny bit ominous! But it's also next door to Leslie's workplace and a twelve-minute stroll to Grace and Brian and our four grandkids. We get the keys to East Tyler on Friday and leave Meandering Way on Saturday.

I'm a hopeless sentimentalist. As I look around our old home, amid the growing pile of moving boxes and bubblewrap, I see shadows of Leslie and me starting out in life and ministry, our little family growing up, a menagerie of much-loved dogs, cats, and assorted wildlife, and a place of Jesus' loving presence where he graciously made his home in ours.

We'll miss you, our dear Meandering Way, and we thank God for you! And we pray for God's continued blessing on all those who will ever live within your happy walls!