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Leaders at Christ Church

Posted by Bill Lovell on

Christ Church Carrollton has thirty-two stated goals for 2018! One of them--and arguably one of the most important--is to identify, train, and mobilize lay leaders for service to the church and to our community. Raising up new leaders has got to be a priority for Christ Church and for every Christian fellowship that hopes to have a vision for the future.

In fact, that's been the church's pattern since the beginning. Jesus himself cultivated leaders and commissioned them for service in his church. The apostles, whom he chose, did the same thing, as in Acts 6. The apostle Paul, chosen directly by the risen Lord in Acts 9:4, wrote extensively on the topic of leadership and left us many of the key Bible passages that still shape our church offices.

For some time, the Session at Christ Church has recognized that we need new Elders and Deacons to help minister to our growing fellowship. With new church members joining, and our opportunities for evangelism and discipleship expanding, new officers will bring new gifts, new insights, and new energy.

Two Sundays ago, the Session responded to our situation by issuing a call for nominations for Deacon and Elder. Nomination forms are available online and at the back of the church. Please review the Biblical qualifications and pray about whom you want to nominate. Be sure to  place your completed form in the Nominations Box by Sunday, March 11, at 6:30pm.

Besides Elders and Deacons, Christ Church also needs other leaders to focus on specific areas of ministry: property, finances, local mission, international mission, women, men, worship, aesthetics, newcomers, communications, Sunday school, nursery, internet, safety & security, and music. We're organizing teams and team leaders to address these concerns.

Notice we're organizing teams, not committees; and we're appointing team leaders, not committee chairmen. Committees tend to be about meetings and parliamentary procedure, but teams are about working together toward a shared goal. The urgency of shared goals is why you won't find a football committee or a basketball chairman. 

Here are two specific things all of us can do to help raise up godly leadership at Christ Church Carrollton. First, please pray! Pray for our old leaders and our new leaders, and for the Spirit's gifts of wisdom and empowerment. Second, please consider joining one or more of our ministry teams. It's fun and rewarding, plus I'm convinced the more we do, the more we'll see our God doing through us.