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Circling the Square

King Jesus' Mission

Posted by Bill Lovell on

The 2018 elections are over, and the votes are being counted. As I write this post, Democrats are projected to win the US House, and Republicans are projected to keep control of the US Senate. One person who is not on tonight's ballot--and never will be--is Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ continues to reign in perfect peace over our state, nation and world, and whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or something else, all of us find our ultimate hope and confidence in him. 

So how do we respond to this year's electoral results? May I suggest the best thing you can do this week, regardless of your political opinions, is to get behind King Jesus' gospel mission! If your spiritual home is here at Christ Church Carrollton, then please turn your passion, energy, and prayerful attention to our Parish Mission 2018, Nov 9-11, with Pastor Julian Russell. Plan to attend the events on Friday night and Saturday afternoon; invite someone to the special guest service on Sunday morning, Nov 11; and pray, pray, pray for God's blessing on this Christ-centered weekend!